This page is currently outdated and needs renewal. Most rules do still apply!

Clan Rules and Information

Welcome to our clan rules page, as you can see here we provide all the information about our clan to ensure that all our members and guests understand how we run as a clan. We are a small, organized and very friendly clan that enjoys having a good time with the public players and the likes of other clans in the gaming communities. We are very proud to wear the clan tags, for those who wish to join our group we hope that you feel as honored as we are to represent in such a great and very old clan.


Section 1: The Welcoming
Section 2: Sections list (You are here)
Section 3: Clan rules list (applies to all our clan members)
Section 4: Clan recruitment information
Section 5: Inactive members information
Section 6: Challenge us – Requirements
Section 7: Clan Servers information

7 simple rules that is expected of all our members to follow!

Rule 1: All members in the clan must have (respect) for all members and public players.

Rule 2: All members must (NOT) be a part of any other clans while in GuN including fun clans.

Rule 3: All members must wear full tags at all times. (No Excuses)

Rule 4: All members must support the (Fair Play) rules! Which means NO cheating, Hacking or using any kind of bugs which will give you an unfair advantage!

Rule 5: All members must be mature, we do not tolerate any childish behavior! Which means no Spamming, no team killing or type killing. (No Excuses)

Rule 6: All clan members must be (Active) in-game to represent our clan.

Rule 7: All members must register on our site and must regularly visit our site and leave a mark. (Post or comment)

Recruitment Information

Please check out our clan forums for the requirements that you need to join our clan. When a new member joins our clan he or she will most likely be on a short trial that could last up to a week. While you’re on trial with our clan, we will be watching you to see how you fit in and get along with the rest of our members. We will also be looking at your game play to see if you have the quality rifle only skills that we like to look for in most of our clan members. There is always the chance that once your trial is up that your application might still get rejected even if you did happen to fit in well with the rest of our clan members while on trial, sometimes even the best of players and the really bright type of players with all their own unique types of personalities can still get rejected and this is only because we can accept a limited number of players into our clan.

You can always check out our clan links page for other clans in the moh-community! There is always going to be another clan out there that is recruiting and maybe trying to find you!

Inactive members information

What better way to start this section of by letting you know that the biggest killers to all the gaming clans is due to their own members not being active enough or sometimes not at all! Yes! That’s right, if your currently inactive YOU “could be” helping out with the downfall of your own clan! The clan that your suppose to be representing is no longer a clan due to the possible likes of you and others not being active enough to help represent it. If you can’t represent the clan in-game don’t worry! We have a “Clan website” in which just by simpley posting a comment or posting a reply on the clan forums you are actually helping out by keeping us a little active. If any clan member is going to be offline for a long period of time, like for vacation or something, please that us know by writing on the Members Only Forums to avoid being kicked.

There is always going to be members in the clan who have things going on in their life’s it’s all normal, either too busy with work or too busy with studies etc it’s really not expected of them to have to be active in-game the least they can do is post a small thread on the clan website just to let us all know that they won’t be active in-game much but what we do expect is for everyone to be active on the clan website as at the end of the day being in a clan it’s all about a group being social to each other.

We have an open and fair policy which all our clan members are old enough and mature enough to understand how it works. if they decided not to post a thread and have been inactive for over 30 days they will be auto kicked from the clan due to showing that they are no longer interested in being part of this group.

Challenge us – Requirements

We only accept challenges from fully-organized clans in the MOH / CS:GO -Communites. We fully expect those clans to only use their own clan members during clan wars. If you use a freelance during a match between our two clans it will affect any friendly future matches between our two communities. If one of your players have to leave during a clan war then “Hold will be respected” until you can find another member to replace him and if he cannot be replaced we will allow one of our players to leave as it’s unfair to play with more players than our own opponent.

What requirements does my clan need to be a full-organized clan? Answer to that is…ONLY 3!

~ Your clan must have a clan website which is active. ~

~ Your clan must have it’s own public clan server along with it’s own private clan server. ~

~ Your clan must have their own “Full-time” clan members that “only” represent your clan! ~

Challenges have to be arranged at least a day before the match date is set! We also only add arranged matches to our war / info records any non arranged matches that our clan takes part in are only played for practicing and won’t be added to our war history records.






Servers Information


  • Server Name:
    Server IP:
    Slots: 20
    Game Type:
  • Server Name:
    Server IP:
    Game Type:
  • Server Name:
    Server IP:
    Game Type:




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