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Cup Tournaments


MOHAA ATHON tournament 2 vs 2 (Winter 2009)


Runners up


Hall of Fame: high-ranking Members

G|u|N-{£ÐR}-|EFF|Silent 🇺🇸

G|u|N-{£ÐR}-SgtSlaughter 🇺🇸

G|u|N-{£ÐR}-Fire|USA| 🇺🇸

G|u|N-{£ÐR}-BigDaddy 🇺🇸

G|u|N-{£ÐR}-|ƒ!A|FlameWar|god| 🇪🇪

G|u|N-{£ÐR}-|ƒ!A|Crawford 🇮🇪

G|u|N-{£ÐR}-|ƒ!A|Brunox 🇳🇱

G|u|N-{Maj}-|ƒ!A|Acab 🇮🇹

G|u|N-{£ÐR}-Appelpitje 🇧🇪


~ They shall always be remembered ~

Hall of Fame: True Members

G|u|N-Un!¤N-|ƒ!A| 🇸🇮

G|u|N-Go0gle-|ƒ!A| 🇩🇪

G|u|N-Kamikaze-|ƒ!A| 🇵🇱

G|u|N-ŞĦĬИ-|ƒ!A| 🇵🇱

G|u|N-Primož-|ƒ!A| 🇸🇮

G|u|N-Catgirl-|ƒ!A| 🇧🇪

G|u|N-ZєžØ-|ƒ!A| 🇪🇬

G|u|N-Dede-|ƒ!A| 🇵🇱

G|u|N-Vaccie|NL| 🇳🇱

G|u|N-Bulent-|ƒ!A| 🇪🇬

G|u|N-Sniper-|ƒ!A| 🇪🇬

G|u|N-Nightman-|ƒ!A| 🇪🇬


~ They shall always be remembered ~

FIA Faction - Flames Immortal Army



Full name: Flames Immortal Army
Tag: ƒ!A
Nicknamed: The FIA Teampro
Founder: G|u|N-{£ÐR}-|ƒ!A|FLAMEWAR|god|
Established: 2005 - Present
allegiance to: G|u|N


CLAIM FIA TAGS - 250+ Kills Immortal CHALLENGE


FLAMEWAR  Kills: 1000 Deaths 559


CRAWFORD  Kills: 2700 Deaths 1360


ROCKYHOUSEROW  Kills: 1030 Deaths: 468


(G|u|N Stalingrad All Day Server only)

EFF Faction - Elite Fighting Force



Full name: Elite Fighting Force
Tag: EFF
Nicknamed: The Elites
Founder: G|u|N-{£ÐR}-|EFF|Silent
Co-Founder: Yet to be announced
Established: 2004 - 2008
Restored: 2024 - Present
allegiance to: G|u|N



CLAIM EFF TAGS - Come first place 3 times in a roll on the Gun-FT server map rotation list!





(G|u|N Freeze-Tag RO Server only)

G|u|N-Global Unified Networks (Clan History)

Clan story

Before G|u|N was born there was two clans called "Kiwi Alliance & Mexican Melee Army" The clan leader of the Kiwi Alliance was called “Che-Viveand” and the leader of Mexican Melee Army was called "Mariachi" both leaders were good friends in real life and they even went to the same school together. One day both of the leaders decided to bring the two clans together to form one clan in which became known as “Ka-mma” as the two clans merged together they had to make a lot of changes in order to run the clan respectfully.

One day both of the leaders of “Ka-mma” came across a player that goes by the name of “Silent”, He was a very popular player during his time as he had his own special style of play in which was a lot different compare to how most of the players had played, even the top players then from all their experience would have had to think twice before playing against him. “Silent” isn’t just an only popular name for his game play but he’s also very popular among our past and present players as he was one of the nine founders who helped make our clan! Before “Silent” could had been accepted into “Ka-mma” he had to prove himself to “Che-Viveand and Mariachi” by going against the entire clan by himself, Surprisingly he owned everyone single-handedly that had stunned both of the clan leaders which didn’t make it a hard decision for the leaders to accept him into the clan, it was only 4 months later “Silent” was made a co-leader of “Ka-mma” which at the time was a huge achievement for any player.

As co-leader he advanced the clan into an entirely new reality level providing the clan with a top clan website, real clan server, massive clan growth due to Silent's recruiting efforts, monthly promotion scale for advancement of members, clan member’s trainings and had all the clan members use programs such as Xfire, msn messenger, e-mails to one another, Team-speak, ect.

= [2003] = - = [2005] =

Clan History
= [2003] =

“Ka-mma” was born! The clan was known as the Kiwi Alliance & Mexican Melee Army. The clan leaders Che-Vieand & Mariachi lead the clan hoping to have a great future by recruiting new members and upgrading the clan by opening there very first ka-mma demo server! As you know it wasn’t long later till they recruited a player that went by the name of “Silent” who was going to lead the clan only 4 months later in which he himself brought in the clans very first all weapons server and then they lunched their first website (www.effmohaclan.com) Also brought in Team-speak for the members which made them one of the very top organized clans to be in at that time.

= [2004] =

“Silent” decided to make the EFF (Elite Fighting Force) of Ka-mma in which the clan members had to prove themselves to Silent by making a score of 35 - 1! Out of the 80 clan members, only 10 made it into the EFF! Ka-mma, aided by EFF, made it known publicly to the rest of the world that we kick major “ASS” and take names later. During all of 2004 we had left a trail of defeat for many other clans as we were literally unstoppable!!! Silent made a lot of changes to the clan that year, he upgraded the clan to make it well known for his pro EFF team in which is something that we can look back on and be proud of as it was a team of unique players which had represented our clan.

= [2005] =

The clan was running smoothly during the start of 2005 but at some point between March and April Che-Vieand & Mariachi both had decided to retire, the reasons for their decision to retire remains unknown, the clans future did look to be in some doubt but that doubt quickly vanished when Silent took command of the clan! It was a big challenge but with the support of the loyal members behind him and a few changes within the clan things seemed to be going in the right direction. It was only a few weeks later when Silent had got into talks with all the clan Founders/Leaders of Ka-mma over making major changes within the clan; one of those changes was to rename Ka-mma to G|u|N -Global Unified Networks in (April 2005) Silent’s very first goal on his list was to help with the clan’s progress in being recognized and respected not only among the clans in America but also among the clans in Europe! This goal wasn’t far from being achieved as in (July2005) G|u|N had made its way to Europe! Much thanks to our only European clan founder “Flamewar” aka “Flame” He shared the same idea’s as Silent and he wanted to help make it happen, he started of small by recruiting a small group of Rifle-Only players from different countries around Europe, this group ended up being known as the “F!A” (Flames immortal army) aka “The F!A teampro” which is a group that show their allegiance to G|u|N. This was a new era for our clan and it was thanks to those who put their heart and time into the clan, those who made the right decisions just to make sure that we will have a future, to those Members, Leaders and to our great Founders who did all for this clan we can’t thank you enough, we are not just a bunch of online gamers, we are much more than that! We are a family with outstanding influential personalities that have the abilities to make this clan into something really great, something extraordinary for anyone to be part of.

Here are the names of the nine great clan founders


Sgt slaughter
Big daddy


They all worked hard to build our clan, they recruited the best players of that time to make the clan stronger, to keep our servers active, to be recognized and to be greatly respected. During the end of 2005 Dahh and Ottoziggy moved on, we have great respect for them both and we wish them the best of luck in their future ahead. We still have 7 of the clan Founders around along with leaders of GuN USA and GuN Europe to make sure that we keep this progress up to achieve the goals which we set out for our clan.

= [2006] = - = [2008] =

= [2006] =

G|u|N founder DanH made new clan rules and a new rank system for all our members to follow. The new changes helped keep respect among the clan members and to the public at the very top. Our clan decided to try out new games such as BF2 & CCS to see if we could take our clan to different levels compared to other clans in the MOH community. G|u|N Founders made sure that all the members used Xfire so everyone could get in contact with each other more easily. 2006 was quite a quiet year for us the clan leaders did what they do best by keeping the clan organized, watching out for new possible recruits and keeping things updated to make sure that we are up there with the rest of best clans around. The clan members did what they do best by representing our clan on the servers keeping them active for the public to see, while showing the clan leaders/founders their skills to be noticed and hopefully achieve a higher rank. Our BF2 server didn't seem to go too well as it was normally inactive but we did manage to get a few events going on so our members could be active sometimes in our BF2 server. As for our CCS server it went extremely well as it was very active with our clan members, the server was used almost every night and we even got a good number of new recruits out of it.

= [2007] =

During the very start of the New Year we had decided to drop our BF2 server for inactive use, it was a decision made by our clan leaders that was believed to be done in the best interests for the clan as the majority of our clan members were enjoying playing in our CCS server. We started to become very popular with the CCS public players which left us having to deal with a lot of players filling in recruitment applications, sadly not everyone that had applied to join our clan could get accepted into it, but for those who did get accepted we would like to congratulate you and we hope that you have a long-term future with us which is sure to be a very enjoyable experience. Finally G|u|N Europe had opened its very first (Rifle only) clan server which looks to have a really bright future ahead. “We G|u|N Europe have a goal to become the biggest, most organized, most professional clan in the European MOH community and we know that we’re capable of achieving that goal.” “Flame” had started of small just like most clans do, he started to recruit a few highly skilled players into G|u|N Europe AKA the FIA-teampro and one of those players just happened to go by the name of “Crawford” the moment the G|u|N tags went on they would never come off, he felt really proud and honoured to wear them and represent the clan as a member. It was time to shape the FIA and get it organized – with our rifle only server active 24/7 we mostly played FFA on Stalingrad map which let us still look out for the quality players that we may be interested in while our doors were still opened for new recruits. One of our great clan leaders who is known as “DutchTerror” decided to leave the clan to create his own clan so he could give himself a new challenge which was successful for a period of time in the MOH-Community. Flame & Crawford spent a lot of time helping spread the word of Gun around in the European MOH-community, they did this simpley by moving from server to server with a handful of their clan members and by the end of each game all there was to see at the top of the high scores was Gun members! It wasn’t too long later when Flame had decided to make “Crawford” a clan leader! Flame knew that he was a quality player but most of all he was loyal to Gun and had great respect for the clan. I would like to also point out that not only the likes of Crawford had been recruited into the clan this year but also the likes of Kami, Shini & Union our 3 long-term future clan members were recruited on the same year too! Our Clan leader “Brunox” has made his decision to Retire but he retires as a true leader of the Gun & the FIA! We were greatly honoured to have him as a leader! Shortly after the retirement of “Brunox” GuN Europe spent a few weeks thinking over an issue with the FIA “clan members” ranks which then made them come to a decision that it would be best to give up the basic ranks of our clan members so that all the members would feel equal to each other. On the 11/20/2007 the F!A started having scrims with other rifle only clans with the first match ending in the respectable draw against RCR clan. Around near the end of 2007 we had noticed that GuN USA was having problems and started to slightly become non active as the majority of their leaders and members were busy and couldn’t seem to find the time to be active enough to represent the clan in the USA-Community. Thankfully though that didn’t stop our main clan website to go offline nor the USA clan servers, we hope that things can only get better for them.

= [2008] =

Yet another new year for the clan and it’s expected to be a great one! We couldn’t have started it better as G|u|N USA seems to be getting back on track by upgrading the clan to the next level as we get our very first COD4 server! It’s great to compete with other clans in the gaming community as we get the newest games out while we keep other parts of the clan up and running and very well organized! The clan founders would like to give credit to all the members who put time and effort into making this clan one of the best clans to be in today! A few weeks after we got our very first COD4 server the F!A makes their very first official clan website! (http://fia.team.pro/) The clan management have decided to give rank of “leader” to two quality clan members! “Union” was given leadership of GuN Europe to help alongside Crawford in building the clan while “Shawn” was given leadership of GuN USA to help it progress in keeping it active! Newly promoted clan leader Shawn enlarge the clan by getting a USA Rifle only server while a few weeks later G|u|N Founders decides to give up Team-speak and bring in Ventrillo! One of our top F!A clan members “acab” decides to retire from the clan which is sad but we respect his decision as he was a true respected Italian member who adds his name to our clan history! You will be missed my friend but not forgotten. The F!A clan leader “Union” resigns his place as leader of GuN Europe as he is going to be really busy in the next few months which means he can’t always be around to help manage the clan, he decides to give his rank as leader to clan member “Undead”. The Clan FDR's and LDR's agreed that “Undead” was the right man for the job at the time and known that “Union” had made the right decision to give up his leadership to him. Sadly and surprisingly a couple of months later our USA clan leader “Shawn” decides to leave the clan to make his own clan. We were extremely disappointed in his actions to leave us as we really believed that “Shawn” was the one who had the ability to give us a lift towards the right direction in progress to keep GuN USA on a float. Around a week or two later our USA (Rifle only) server gets shutdown. During 2008 we had recruited the likes of Primoz, Catgirl and Zezo who will become our future clan long-term members! Our main clan website has hit over 500,000 public views!!! The F!A makes their own clan rules for their European clan members along with a new better organized system. Newly European clan leader “Undead” had spent the majority of his time in search for new long-term clan members but as there was so many players interested in joining the F!A we had to shut the recruitment doors early around in October. We had give new ranks till two of the F!A clan members to help keep the clan organized due to the amount of new clan members representing the clan. Clan member xLazine was promoted to be the Europe's war arranger while clan member dirt become the F!A's moderator! Clan member/F!A Server host “Google” of had decided to gives us a free TS for the clan! USA founder SgtSlaughter decided to make COD4 squads who were mainly USA members but some European members also took part in joining SGT’s Squad idea. The F!A starts to do clan trainings with their members to learn better ways of team tactics which will help them win more clan wars! During this year alone they won over 120 clan wars with 18 draws and 37 loses. “Jorma” of the F!A becomes their new clan training manager & clan xfire organizer. As of the 1st of November 2008 GuN USA decides to team up with clan |LoE| in a joint effort to bring players into our cod4 servers. The plan is for G|u|N to host COD4 server and |LoE|to Host COD5 server while both servers will displayed both of the clan tags. Thanks to this idea it allows us to continue providing a cod4 server while adding a cod5 server at no costs!

= [2009] = - = [2012] =

= [2009] =

It’s now finally 2009! As we look back into 2008 we could proudly say that it was an extraordinary year in the clan’s history and we hope that this year will be just as amazing as last year was! The F!A sadly has to start the year by opening the recruitment doors early and by kicking 5 of their clan members for being long-term inactive while several more may have to follow them. The FIA has a target of recruiting 3 new members into the clan who have some of the best Rifle Only: Quality skills in the game before the recruitment doors is closed. We are very capable of Influencing the best players into our clan due the recruitment skills of our clan leader “Crawford” but this year the recruitment will be tested as we have decided to give our clan leader “Undead” the challenge in which we fully expect him to do the clan well and proudly under his recruitment skills. Early 2009 “Crawford” announces to the clan that he plans on take a long-term break away from the clan as he currently has other things going on in his life but he did make it clear to us that he will return to the clan someday. During February gun decides to take part in a tournament among other clans in the moh-community Our team wins 1st place (Undead, Union, sub: Primoz). We always knew that we were capable of winning it and it’s a MAGNIFICENT achievement for the likes of Undead, Union and Primoz! They have represented and done our clan proudly. It is sad that the clan had to announce that our clan leader “Undead” decided to leave the clan and create his own clan along with several of our clan members a few weeks later after winning the tournament. Due to the unacceptable tensions between a number of leaders and clan members that had seemed to form two different parties only one of the parties could have remained within the clan. It is the most disappointing moments that the F!A has ever had to endure with since the creation of the F!A. On the 6/4/2009 Kamikaze was made clan leader by Flamewar which hopefully under him he can turn the clan in the right direction. It’s been only around 2-3 months later the clan seems to have moved on from what is to be known as the “Dreadful Famine” period within our clan while there is still some conflict between several of the members and major problems within the clan management that are there but continue to go unnoticed the future of the clan seems to be hanging by a thread. Half way into 2009 and we have only recruited no more than 2 short-term clan members to help keep the clan in shape. It’s now near the end of year and finally we have some real hope of turning the clan around due to the extraordinary news that “Crawford” has finally returned to the clan after spending a long period away he is now back! and he has promised to put this dark part of the clans history into the past with the help of other leaders and several of the true clan members, they all put in their extra spare time and effort into the clan and due to that there had been many changes made during that short period of time, The biggest change was that the entire chain of command and clan structure was re-organized from top to bottom! As we look on to the other side of the world G|u|N USA is basically a big red dwaft with the majority of their clan leaders & clan members being poorly inactive. We can predict that it’s only a matter of time before G|u|N USA is nothing but a memory to those who were around to see them and what they once used to represent as once to us they were the most extraordinary and most influencing group in the moh-community at a time. Sgt our founder had to shut down the cod4 server and to close the main clan site as it was costing the clan lots of money to keep them both running while some of the USA members seemed to show lack of interest in the clan’s future. Even though it seems highly unlikely changes will be made to help G|u|N USA to reform them to what it once used to be and that anything is still possible it just seems that there isn’t enough in it to achieve that target, at least the G|u|N USA era will be remembered and may this be an example to all the clans out there in the moh-community that even giants can fall. On the 10/11/2009 clan members Shini, Union, Primoz, Catgirl, Zezo and Google were all honoured as to be the true clan members of the clan. Crawford announces to the clan members and to the public that 2010 will be a lot better year for our clan and that we have decided to leave the major recruitment until January next year. Wonderful news! Our clan founder “Flame” and his girlfriend had a baby daughter and called her Linda! Congratulations Flame and Kristy! We would like to thank all the clan members for keeping the clan active and representing our clan by wearing the tags in-game proudly. The F!A would like to openly express and to make it clear to all the members who represent us that it’s very important for the likes of you and future clan members to understand that there will always be disagreements in all gaming clans between the likes of their leaders and their clan members due to the detection the clan might going or due to other things etc but let it be clear everyone has their own views and ideas of how they would like to run the clan which all members should always be heard and open to their options but remember! it isn’t easy for anyone to run a clan even a organized clan run by the likes of 3-5 top professional leaders is extremely hard work as it takes up a lot of your time and your social time which can make those who do so much for the clan become depressed and then they don’t understand if they really want all this which then can lead to the downfall of the clan, even the smallest problems if they are not dealt with can lead to the downfall, things can turn out as the last thing you could ever had expected, We hope you do understand the point of this message and to appreciate the hard work people put into this clan so you can be happy as at the end of the day it’s all about fun.

= [2010] =

Yups! That’s right; it’s finally Two Thousand and Ten!!! Our clan leaders along with our clan members would like to wish the entire spearhead gaming community a happy new year! It really wasn’t the best start for us this year (yet again) as we had lost a lot of our clan “War records” which was stored data info of at least 80+ clan matches on our website. It’s really sad that we didn’t have all those matches backed up as they really were part of the clans history but it’s safe to say that we will learn from our mistakes and we will make sure that we are not capable of making that same type of mistake twice. We did our first recruit already for this year and we are expecting to bring in a few more before January ends. In between the end of January and early February G|u|N-Crawford had decided to make a “MOH-SH” rifle only league which our clan along with 9 other clans would represent in it, all 9 clans were fully-organized clans that all agreed to take part in it as to them and to us it did all seem to be really good, something new and fun as there really wasn’t anything else going on in Spearhead during the start of the year. After putting in a lot of effort and time into organizing it and setting it up the league was ready to go! The league had started on the 6thof February and G|u|N had set their selves a target of finishing in the top 3! The league was set to last for a total of 18 weeks if all had went to plan but by the 7th week into the league it sadly had to be cancelled due to some problems with 2-3 of the clans as they were losing too much and no longer wanted to take part in it, which meant that it was ruined for everyone else, there will always be winners and losers, it’s all down to being able to accept were you stand and I guess what we learned the most about this is that, it’s really impossible to keep everyone happy and there will always be those who just cannot accept things so their only option is to ruin it for everyone else who’s enjoying the experience. We are now into March and we still haven’t recruited anyone else since the start of 2010, somehow it feels as if things might just stay this way for awhile... but at least the family members are still flashing the clan tag around in the public servers, showing that we are still here! Our clan’s future seems to be an unknown future but as long as the family is around then we don’t have much too much to worry about. We would like to thank our clan founder “Flame” for keeping the server floating around even though it's not being used as often by our members or even by any of the public players lately, we would also like to Thank “Kami” for spending time keeping the website active and updating it from time to time with new videos! Finally we would like to thank the rest of the family members who been supporting the clan from the very start. Today most of the clan members seem to be into cod4/MW2 but some of the clan members still do play spearhead from time to time. On the 15/4/2010 "Catgirl" had made her very first recruit into the clan! Which it is nice as the clan really does need a new fresh face around. From May to around July not much really happened in the clan, it really does feel like it’s near the end of us as a clan, we seen it happen before to lots of clans in the moh-community just coming and going even to clans just as big as us but we have always been strong and stuck together, though we have to admit we have never felt things being this bad before, time would tell us though I’m sure where our future is. On the 07/08/2010 - “G|u|N-{£ÐR}-|ƒ!A|Crawford” decided to resign from the clan due to the direction that the clan seemed to going in. He was only 16 when he was recruited by our clan founder “Flame” on the 17/3/2007. As a clan member he had arranged many clan wars and clan trainings along with helping out with recruiting other new members into the clan, the clan leaders noticed this and were impressed with his management skills and decided to make him a clan leader as he really did earn the rank and shown us that he is capable of carrying out the job. He was an extraordinary leader and very influencing to with new recruits and to our clan members, we will miss him and remember our times that we had spent chatting with him and playing alongside him in battle, we would also like to point out that he did really try to make the clan active again but as he failed to do so and he knew it, he then felt that it was only right for him to resign as clan leader and which lead him to make his decision to then leave the clan. We wish him all the best. For the rest of the year and onwards the members all had mostly just stuck to their selves, all had played different games and remained loyal to the clan, we all did the odd random chats on xfire and the very odd times of playing together in the servers but not much really has changed and to be honest we wouldn’t really expect much change or any type of turn around, it feels as if most of the members will just move on to other games and maybe some will move on to other clans and stick to spearhead, in time we will see.

= [2011] =

lol yeah, shocking isn’t it? It’s surprising to us too that we are actually still here! Happy New Year everyone! We hope that everyone was enjoying their selves while they we're celebrating the start of 2011! Well, for this year our clan’s history 2011 section will most likely be very small, most of the family members are still in contact with each other and are still here. We do still play online together sometimes in a lot of different games, mostly newer ones. The likes of Flame and Kami seem to play "Tanks" often together, while Primoz plays different types of games mainly call of duty. Catgirl is still regularly active on Spearhead while the likes of Shini and Zezo are still in contact with everyone over “facebook” as for Union, he has pretty much moved on from gaming as he’s always busy with work/studies but he does try to remain in contact with the rest of us over “Facebook” too. Our ex clan leader/member Crawford still remains in contact with us and still plays on spearhead with his G|u|N tags on even though he had resigned from our clan late last year. We can’t really say much from what had happened from the start of 2011, half way into 2011 or near the end of 2011 as not much really went on, everyone seemed to mostly stick to their selves and it stayed very much the same right up until the end of the year when “Crawford” wanted to rejoin the clan as he felt that there really isn’t any other clan out there for him, he wanted everyone to know that he has the most respect for the clan and he really wants to bring back the old times when G|u|N was BIG and successful, he was then accepted back into the clan and announces that he would be seriously looking into rebuilding the clan for the start of 2012!

= [2012] =

Firstly, we would like to wish everyone yet another happy new year! We hope that you all had great craic! And no not the crack which is a drug but the CRAIC! It’s slang for “FUN!” if you didn't know! Anyways! It’s just too bad that it may be our last year being a clan as it’s believed by some brainwashed people from a few thousand years ago that in December of 2012 it’s going to be the end of the world! Yes, which also means the end of us!! 🙁 and might as well mean that it’s pointless for me to even be typing this out if no one will be reading it by the end of this year?? Alright, let’s just stop right here otherwise we will all go insane! Now, before we look right into 2012, let’s take a look back into last year. Now, it’s pretty obvious that 2011 was the most quiet / nothing going on year that we had ever experienced since the birth of our clan, I don’t think we will ever want to experience that again which is why this year we are going to completely rebuild, reorganize, restructure the entire clan! We will start from the very bottom and we will work our way up, we will get rid of any deadwood along the way in order to make this clan successful again as it once used to be.


We didn’t want to rush things, if we were going to work our way up we had to make sure that we took it one step at a time, we started off by creating a new clan website which was very basic and very easy to use, it only lasted us for a month though due to the lack of features it had but I still like to remember it and give it some credit as it was very simple / basic which is the best way for anyone to start if they are looking into creating or rebuilding a clan. We then created our official / current clan website www.gun-clan.com which offers us a lot of advanced features; we hope that this will be our home for a very long time. While we were getting rid of some inactive deadwood, we had to sadly announce the retirement of several long-term clan members, the likes of Zezo, Shini and Google had retired respectfully. It was not long after when we got our new 32 slot Stalingrad all day server that we had rented from victus clan for several months. We would like to thank the likes of “Appelpitje” and “Catch this” from Victus for also helping us out with moding the server as well as putting in their time to keep it protected. The server seemed to becoming very popular within the spearhead community. We were now open to recruiting! We were in search of new active long-term clan members that had not only the requirements but that showed a lot of desire and promise to be member of our clan. The clan did seem to be on the right track, the only problem that we had was finding the right players to join our clan as the majority of them were already representing other clans, we only gained 1 or 2 new recruits at that period of time but not long later something unexpected had happened, our valued friend “victus” clan was sadly dealing with some issues and had somewhat broke a part, their clan was doing really well but only to later fall just like a lot of clans do within this game after sometime, it is a sad thing to see when another clan dies but it was only thanks to this that it would later help us gain more recruits into our clan. Several of the ex victus clan members would later decide to join GuN, not only recruits who were good players in-game but ones with experience and who had a lot of knowledge with moding servers and helping out with making the clan website look more professional, I guess you could say that we were very lucky to have had recruited players such as Appelpitje, Vaccie, Sniper, Bulent and 1manArmy.


It wasn’t hard to notice the immediate affect it had on the clan, it was brilliant to see the clan going in this direction! It just seemed like a flair, we had many more players making applications to join the clan while 1man army sponsored gun a 32 slot fun server and at the very same time Appel sponsored us a gun steal the beers server as well as a moh:aa Zombie mod fun server! It was an extraordinary moment and well remembered! The clan’s structure seemed to be improving as the clan was becoming even more organized with members earning their new respected ranks. Thanks to the hard work and effort put into the clan we decided to make “Appelpitije” a well deserved clan leader! As well as making “Sniper” the new clan war arranger as we seek to play a lot of future matches against other clans within the spearhead community. Our first few arranged matches that we had played were against AGB clan in which we had gained a valued friend, we later signed up to their 3 vs 3 tournament, it was random teams mixed with gun and agb clan members and it was heaps of fun! Around late March we had decided to change to a server hosting company “Fragnet” which provides the absolute best hardware in the industry, the most powerful gaming networks in the world today! We didn’t have much trouble with trying to make our new server popular again, this year a 4-5 year old record was broken by clan admin “bully” who got 1,000 kills with a lot less deaths compare to the older record which was held by Flame but it was then yet again broken by “Crawford” who got over 2,700 kills with 17 hours of game-play! A very respectful record, he later decided it was time to sleep and had left himself “afk” in the server hoping to continue getting a higher score the next day but somehow he unfortunately got disconnected from the server! The year continued to get even brighter with us getting in a TS3 server as well along with a few new additions to our clan, the likes of “Matador” and ex clan member “Gign” even rejoined! We also organized a in-clan competition thanks to the idea of Bully with team UK vs team rest of the world in which the event went fairly well until several clan members took it a bit too serious instead of “fun wise” at the same time we were looking into organizing and setting up the moh:league, looking into creating a clan youtube video while making a new clan banner for our site so we were pretty active and busy with so many things going on at once in a short period of time. During the summer time the clan got pretty distracted with the Euro 2012 just like most clans did around that time, no one was really interested in playing matches as they were too busy watching them! Before the summer came to an end we sadly had to announce the retirements of long-term clan members Kamikaze, Union & Catgirl who will surely be missed.


Now, although we were only barely halfway into 2012, we could easily look back and think of all the moments that we had experienced and knowing that we were part of something that was quite exciting! Well, only for most as there was a very small minority of clan members that had caused / created some serious issues within the clan. We really wouldn’t want to go too deep into it as it was kind of depressing moment in the clans history but as it’s part of our history it has to sadly be added. During this time things were actually going pretty well in the clan up until a few weeks into Atticus and Tilly being rewarded with leadership, the decision that our clan leader “Crawford” had made, to make them both clan leaders will always be known him as a decision that he will forever regret. It’s fair to say that “Crawford” was blinded and didn’t take his time to think and pause for a minute while he rushed into making the decision thinking that it was the right one and only best for the clan, but it was only later to backfire on him which had put the clan in a really bad situation. He had put a lot of trust in both of them he even listened to their views some that he may not had fully agreed with but went a long with them believing maybe it could help benefit the clan, the likes of listening and agreeing to reward "Dragan" with the rank as the clan’s admin without the need of it having to be earned. For a pretty long period of time the rcon power was being abused in our public servers under the commands of Dragon and Atticus behind Crawford’s back, during those few weeks while they were being abusing their powers as they wished while clan members were not in the servers and on the other hand pretending to be mature and respectful as leaders / admins would be while members were in the server. Thankfully, it was only a matter of time before we found out the truth, This would only later lead to "talks" between certain members about “leaving the clan” which ended up being thee case. Atticus, Tilly, Dragon and Bully all left together to make their own gaming community. We now can look to building ourselves again so respect will be maintained between us and them with the possibility of having some kind of  friendship in the future as we once shared and valued at a time before. As expected it wasn't long later that our ex members had formed their own new clan known as [f] we continued to show respect but due to several of [f] clan members causing arguments with some of our members and  including public players within our community server we had no choice but to cut all ties with their community we no longer want to interact with their member but they will still fully be allowed to play freely on our public servers as long as they respect the rules of server which no one is above not even ourselves. For around a week or two gun had decided to keep a low profile to re-organize the clan again, we had recruited a few new additions to the clan in order to replace those who had left and get a clear sense of things in order to put us in the right direction again. We decided not to reward anyone as clan leader until next month but we did make the decision on rewarding “Matador” as the new clan War arranger! “Appel” did for a period of time decide to leave / retire the clan only to focus on his real life studies but he later re-joined when he felt that he had a bit more time to offer, he started to work on the server stats which will record players kill / death rates in our server. The following month we decided to make “Vaccie” our new clan leader to help maintain leadership and structure. As we approach the winter months of 2012 we've racked up plenty of official matches with other gaming clans a total of 61 matches in the past 4 months with a 60% win rate, 11% draw rate and a 29% loss rate which is fairly impressive! The biggest enjoyment of 2012 that we as a community has got to experience is our connection with AGB clan and TIP clan. Our 3 communities keep in regular contact with each other and try to help each other out with server fixes or website design. We are very pleased to have both of these communities as our friends we hope to continue to be alongside them for as many years to come. As we approach the end of the year Vaccie decided to step down as clan leader which we've respected as he quoted he only wants to enjoy the game and not everyone is a LDR he just wants to wear the tags to represent and enjoy and we completely honour that. We decided to make Bulent our first ever Egyptian clan leader. He's taking up a big role and he's already looking to get busy and has high aims for 2013. To end 2012, in November our clan LDR Crawford moved over to England to begin a new life for himself and will be inactive in-game for sometime but will keep in touch and will still help maintain the clan website and advisory. That being said, we're in great hands as clan LDR Appelpitje will take over his duties and embrace his idea's on future projects for the clan! As always we wish you all a happy new year we'll see you guys in 2013!

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As we are now entering the beginnings of 2013 we can have a pause and standout to look quite tall! As we’ve now only a couple of months away from the accomplishment of surpassing a decade of being an existing community which in fact might make us the first and longest foreseen community to achieve this goal in the history of this game.  We could say that a lot of luck might had played some part in us having not gone into decline as we did certainly have our experiences with struggles but we think over the years we’ve had some of the very best individuals representing our community with the proven ability of wanting to invest into the community that may be financially, with time and effort but all combined it has helped make the effort of us being strong and united together and we can’t be thankful enough towards our members, our admins and to our leaders. If that accomplishment doesn’t speak enough volumes well we would like to make an announcement that this Summer we will in fact be going ahead with the hosting and organizing the MOH:LEAGUE event so we’ll be preparing for that over the next coming months. Our clan leader “Appel” and “Bulent” have organized a Harlem shake event alongside other clans such as our dear friends from AGB and CMS. The event went as we hoped it was a lot of fun! You can watch a video of this on YouTube which has been uploaded to “Appelpitje” youtube channel go check it out! Over the following few weeks “Appel” had been working on a project for us to be able to create more servers as we want the ability to have more variety of options for us to choose from! As things continue to keep seemingly going in the right direction for us, we look to our current clan members with some of them having been here for a very long time and some are fairly new! With the likes of long serving leader Flamewar, our two valued leaders Appel and Bulent our loyal committed members such as Vaccie, Catgirl, Dingaling, Xavi, Dede, Sniper, Nightman, Matador and Headshot and then here is some of our fairly new but yet fearsome players such as Silent-rifler and Chaoz. We look at all of these great names with the high hopes that they will be involved and represent our community for a long time to come! For the last 3 months now “Matador” has been our official clan war arranger he’s looking to step down from the job and allow a new candidate take the spotlight. He steps down with a record of 7 wins 4 loss and 1 drawn with his last match as WA was a 17-11 victory over CMS clan respectfully. Xenon a follow Egyptian player will take his place as caretaker over the next several weeks.


Due to our recent involvements across the wide range of the Moh community over the last 6 months we’ve gained an overwhelming interest and desire of players wanting to join us but our recruitment requirements can be of that high standards as we try to work as a medium-small collective. Over the last 8 months we’ve received 97 applications in which only 8 have been accepted though those that weren’t successful can always continue to play with us in our server and we’ll always consider any future applications that are made!


Here it is people! It’s now time for the MOH:LEAGUE TO BEGIN!  In total we got 8 fairly well-known communities taking part. Clan leader “Appel” will be heavily involved with the obligations of our clan representing in the tournament while “Crawford” who won’t be available to represent the clan in-game but will have a fair bit of involvement in helping with the running’s of the event. We can safely say that the MOH:league tournament of the summer of 2013 has been a huge success! We had done fairly well coming 4th place considering we didn’t have our best skilled players always present or available to us. The outcome results for us were of 8 wins 5 loses and 1 draw. ESOE clan can take a bow by the remarkable achievement of going though the entire league without losing a single match! Clan leader “Time-Bomb” had represented her community very well and professionally throughout the competition. We would also like to thank FUF clan who had achieved 2nd place spot with Elf who over stepped by taking 3rd place while our friends from EX’Sh had came in just behind us in mid-table but another top reward would have to go to CIP clan who are not really known for being involved with wars but had stepped up to take part!


As we come into the later year of 2014, we have unfortunately got the news that gamespy will most definitely be shutting down which will have an unimaginable negative impact on the entire game, clans and players as it offers us the ability to see our game servers’ listings on the browser list without this, we’re going to struggle to attract players to our servers as they will have to probably manually add the server IP’s in to connect to the servers they enjoy most. As the weeks and months go by and the loss of gamespy a lot of players have moved on from MOH and crossed over the likes of CS:GO / COD we are unsure of the numbers that have been lost but probably in the hundreds and that's a lot for a game which is already very old we’ll probably never be able to make those numbers back this is going to be a new and dark dawn for the moh communities. Our friends of 2A Clan alongside some of the top modders across the moh community are getting together to try and make a program / tool that will allow players to see a server listing and be able to join it with our notable clan leader “Appel” having a lot of involvement in the project.


As we go into the year of 2015 we like “many” other clans with the decline of players in the game that are no longer with us and have moved on we are expecting it to be be a really quiet year for us and the whole moh community having a similar experience as currently there barely are any servers that seem to be gaining any a high demand of players and with how things are currenting looking the times ahead will undoubtfully be rather dull but we’ll see what the future holds for us all. We can share some good news that with the successful work with the top mods across the moh community they got a program working that is easy to install and setup which will allow us to see a server listing and a simple click to join any server! It’s in fact great news we are all very thankful to those that helped put in the work to make this tool and we hope that those that had left us will return back to the game in future. With a fairly quiet year we can leave 2015 of with some more good news, our old clan leader “Crawford” has returned back to the game after returning home in over 3 years. He acknowledges that the times are extremely difficult and that with even his desires to rebuild the clan back to the formal glory it once had it’s going to be really hard to accomplish. He alongside “Appel” had ended the year working on a new 2015 standards website project together and are looking to hopefully carry the project into 2016 with their ambitions of making the community successful as it once was. We will find out how it goes, we’ll see you guys in 2016, have a great Christmas and we wish you all the best. See you soon!

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