League Tournament Information

Welcome to the League Tournament Information page. This page will help guide you though everything that you will need to know before you choose to sign up to this hosted event. We urge you to please read over the listings carefully as it is very much required that everyone has a good understanding of how it works in order for it to be successful. We want to offer this amazing opportunity to the remaining clans and free players that continue to play this all time classic game. We expect it to be a very exciting event and we do hope that you get your chance to take part in it!


Section 1: The Welcoming
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Section 3: How does the league work?
Section 4: Match Rules
Section 5: Withdraw from the tournament?
Section 6: What date does it start on?
Section 7: How do I sign up?

How the league tournaments works

We offer a professional setup that includes structure and organization. There will be no more and no less than 8 teams taking part within the tournament. They will be made out of either the remaining MOH:SH/BT clans or a group of free players that are considered to be trusted by at least one of the representing clans. Each team will be given the opportunity  to play against each other twice with the available options of choosing their own preferred game-type (Check Match Rules to see the available game-types listings) The available options also do include to be able to choose to play between either RO or AW selections. This does not only make it a lot more challenging because it may require your team to play on another teams preferred game-type but it also makes it a lot more fun and gives some balance for all those that chosen to take part!

The league setup is simple, as soon as all the teams have signed up and been accepted into the contest we will release the fixtures of which team you will be playing against next but it isn’t a requirement to play against the teams on the set dates as you can both choose to arrange the matches on a more suitable given date / times but we do urge you to try and arrange the matches several days before or after the official dates because we want to keep things running smoothly by updating the latest weekly results which we will likely do at the end of each week. Each team will have to represent in 14 games in total, each game will end with a result that will give them either a win, lose or possibly a draw. A win will give you 3 points in the table, a draw will give you 1 point and a lose will of course give you 0 points. Rounds played will also be added to the table of how many you have won and lost, this could end up being important if two teams end up finishing on the same given points because their position will be judged on how many rounds they won compare to conceded.

There will also be a fun knockout cup added as a bonus! Maybe you feel that your team isn’t preforming as well as you would have liked within the tournament you could then try to seek out to win your team the knockout cup which is still going to be considered as a great achievement for any representing team or clan that ends up winning it.  For more on that please check out Match Rules for “Fun Knockout cup”

Match Rules

Game-types listings
  • Objective
  • FT-Objective
  • Freeze-Tag

Suggest another? You can add your idea to the moh:league discussion forum thread!

Before the match
  • MoHAAS.TOOL is required by all teams. It’s an easy to install program and has a exceptional anti-cheat detection. 
  • You enter the server and wait respectfully until both teams are ready.
  • Once everyone is ready you respectfully wish “good luck” to your opponents and start the match.
During the match
  • It’s required that the server settings are mostly aligned with the old official CB server rule settings. “for an example runspeed must be set at 287″
  • Players: 3 vs 3 to 8 vs 8 (4 first team active representing players along with 2-7 reserved players aka backup players)
  • Option of choosing Rifle Only or All Weapons (Each team will have to play each other twice anyway so it doesn’t matter what you personally prefer during the first match)
  • No bazooka or shotgun allowed!
  • Only ONE sniper allowed per team
  • 2 Maps
  • 14 rounds per map
  • Switch sides after the 7th round
  • 3 Points a win
  • 1 Point a Draw
  • 0 Points a lose
At the end of the match
  • Once the match is over you give thanks and show respect to your opponent and then you leave respectfully.
  • The winners of the match must post the score & information on the “Match Report” forums.
  • If the match does happen to result in a draw then either one of the teams must post the score & information on the “Match Report” forums.
Fun knockout tournament cup match layout
  • Date set: Will be announced after the moh:league is halfway into it’s season.
  • Fixtures will depend on the teams position on the league table.
  • Game-type: Steal The Beers TDM
  • Rifle Only
  • 2 maps
  • 14 rounds per map
  • switch sides at the end of the 7th round
  • And most important! Drink up!

My team wants to Withdraw from the tournament?

Let us just quickly express that it would be very unfortunate if a team did choose to withdraw from the tournament but of course there will be certain consequences in place in regards to your team choosing to opt-out. Lets be straight forward, first and for most, we cannot force a team to continue playing if they just suddenly feel like they no longer want to. The organizers are here to try and set in place a tournament that will give something to what is one of the best classic games of all time, that we all really love playing. It is our commitment to make this as balanced and fair as we possibly can for everyone that takes part, for it to be challenging and exciting, setting it all up, advertising it, then updating everything for it to be successful and then what could probably end up happening is a team preforms really badly, they are no longer enjoying it so what they do is they simply no longer represent their team within the contest which undoubtedly adds stress and complications to us but we actually do have a very simple solution in place for these type of complications.

For those that may consider choosing to go down the path of letting the rest of the moh:community down even though you signed up to the event in the first place and pledged yourselves to take part well the consequences are listed below.

  • Your team will continue to represent it’s self within the tournament.
  • Every arranged set date that you intentionally choose to avoid your team will forfeit the match.
  • This results in the other  team gaining 28 round wins while your team concedes 28 round loses.
  • There may also be other punishments for certain players within ours as well as other clan game servers.

So yes, as scary or not as scary as all that may seem, we nor you shouldn’t really want this, you signed up to have fun, for what’s left of the moh: gaming community so just please try to hangout until it’s finished because you’ll probably be given the greatest reward of it all, you will undoubtedly be gaining the highest achievement and that is gaining the respect by everyone for sticking around. Mark our words, There will be credit given to those that do choose to stick-around.

What date does it start on?

The official date is set for the 17th of June as that is when our organizers come back from their holidays. There could may be some delay depending on certain complications but this event will most definitely be getting started for middle or late June.

How do I sign up?

What a great question! Just check a few menu’s below this one and you’ll see the sign-up menu, click that and that will direct you to our forums which you’ll be required to give in some details. Non offical clans may have to add more details for insurance before they can be considered of getting accepted into the tournament.

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