Clan Rules and Information



Hello and welcome! Below you will see an updated version of our clan rules list. We’ve simplified it in order to keep it short which meets with the clan standards that we expect all of our members to follow.



Rule 1: Members in the clan must have (respect) for all members and public players.



Rule 2: Members must (NOT) be part of any other clans while in GuN (including) fun clans.



Rule 3: Members must support the (Fair-Play) rule policy! Which means NO cheating, Hacking or using any kind of bugs which will give you an unfair advantage!



Rule 4: Members must be mature; we do not tolerate any childish behaviour. Which means no Spamming, no team killing or type killing. (No Excuses)



Rule 5: Members must (try) to be Active in-game to represent our clan.



Rule 6: Members must represent the clan by wearing the (tags) that has been given to them.



Rule 7: Members must register on our site and must occasionally leave a mark. (Post or comment)


We very much welcome all donations, as they certianly go towards the clan's long term future but thanks to the generosity of the clan leaders / admins they keep us running at no cost for you