Cup Tournaments


MOHAA ATHON tournament 2 vs 2 (Winter 2009)

Runners up


Third place

MOH:SH League 4 vs 4 (Winter 2012)
Personal Achievements 
The FIA Challenge – 1,000 + Kills Stalingrad All Day
1st CRAWFORD Kills: 2700 Deaths 1360

2nd MATADOR Kills: 1026 Deaths: 406

3rd ROCKYHOUSEROW Kills: 1030 Deaths: 468

4th FLAMEWAR Kills: 1000 Deaths 559

(G|u|N Server only)
THE EFF Challenge! – 1 vs 3 objective, v2 Map,  14 rounds
1st: N/A
Other Achievements 
Longest serving member of all time: N/A
Member that has represented in the most clan wars: N/A
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